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April 29, 2017

Indiana (SSN 789), the 16th Virginia-class submarine, was christened at Newport News Shipbuilding by Ship's Sponsor Diane Donald. Vice President Mike Pence and former governor of the State of Indiana attended the ceremony as "a son of Indiana".

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Ship's Sponsor

Diane Donald, wife of Retired Navy Admiral Kirkland Donald, performed the traditional honor of breaking a bottle of American sparkling wine across the ship's bow during the ceremony.

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The 4,000 Newport News shipbuilders working on Virginia-class submarines (VCS) represent a wide range of trades and experience.

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Keel Laying Guests

Tickets are required for admittance. Arrival time and parking instructions are printed on each ticket. Learn more about travel, what to bring and more.

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Multi-Mission Ready

Virginia-class submarines have the capability to attack targets ashore with highly accurate Tomahawk cruise missiles and conduct covert long-term surveillance of land areas, littoral waters and other sea-based forces.

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