Employee Resource Groups

employee-resource-groupEmployee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a key component of HII’s corporate culture and an important part of our diversity and inclusion strategy.

VERTThese employee-run networks connect employees who want to become more engaged with their colleagues and the company. ERGs provide opportunities for personal and professional development, leadership, mentoring, volunteerism, cultural enrichment and community involvement.

ERGs also support the company’s recruiting, retention, diversity and corporate citizenship programs. Membership is open to all employees at no cost.

Employees interested in forming a new ERG should reference the company’s ERG policy in Corporate Command Media.

Employee Resource Groups

African American Shipbuilders Association (AASA): The African American Shipbuilders Association is in place to foster the professional and career development of African-American Employees. They have a strong commitment to community service and programs that improve education, promote cultural awareness and diversity in our communities

Asian & Pacific Islander Shipbuilding Association (APSA): The Asian & Pacific Islander Shipbuilding Association is committed to growing and developing leaders within Ingalls’ Asian Pacific community. Additionally the organization works to address the concerns and needs of Asian Pacific employees, and share these unique cultures and languages with other employees.

Engaging Employees to Learn Improve Network and Knowledge Share (E-LINKS): Engaging Employees to Learn Improve Network and Knowledge Share (E-LINKS ) is an all-inclusive multi-generational employee resource group committed to fostering leadership through community involvement, professional development and networking. The organization draws employees from across the company of all ages, races and professional backgrounds.

Hispanic Outreach & Leadership Alliance (HOLA): The Hispanic Outreach and Leadership Alliance is a forum to help employees network and share experiences across all campuses, and foster an all-inclusive work environment. They are committed to become a driving force for Hispanic leadership, development and marketability.

Shipbuilders of Huntington Ingalls Professionals Network (SHIPS Network): Shipbuilders of Huntington Ingalls Professionals Network creates social and professional networking opportunities for new and transferring employees, connecting them across Huntington Ingalls Industries to foster assimilation, knowledge sharing, and retention. SHIPs Network fosters networking and knowledge sharing, building of friendships and provides opportunities to become involved in corporate and public service.

Shipbuilders Together Realizing Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (STRIDE): STRIDE is organized and operated for the advancement of the social welfare and equal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. By serving as a support network and educational resource for HII LGBT employees, their friends, families and colleagues, STRIDE strives to make a difference in the quality of life at work through professional development, mutual understanding, corporate responsibility and community outreach.

Shipbuilder Women Engineers (SWE): Shipbuilder Women Engineers is an all-inclusive shipbuilding employee resource group committed to acknowledging the accomplishments of women engineers, Promoting advancement of members within SWE and providing a non-work way of developing SWE members. The members also participate in outreach programs for college, school children of all ages and young women engineers

Veterans Employee Resource Groups: The Veterans Employee Resource Groups work to enhance the image of the company with employees, customers, and community through our diverse military experience, traditions, and customs and to foster the professional and career development of all employees.

Women in Shipbuilding Enterprise (WiSE): Women in Shipbuilding Enterprise foster a diverse work environment through networking and teaming, promoting positive performance, and employee growth. They work together to enhance the image of Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) with the community and our customers through corporate and public service.

Employees who are interested in joining an ERG can get more information by visiting Homeport or asking their Human Resources Business Partner.