John F. Kennedy (CVN 79)


How new technology in
Ford-class carriers will save the Navy $4 billion.

John F. Kennedy (CVN 79),the second carrier in the Ford-class, is already in early stages of construction at Newport News Shipbuilding, with the first cut of steel commemorated in 2011. The Ford-class is designed to reduce required maintenance by 30 percent over the previous class of carriers. Each ship in the new class is projected to save the Navy approximately $4 billion in operational costs over its 50-year life. The new class is also designed to generate 25 percent more sorties (flight missions) per day on its 5-acre flight deck. Weighing nearly 100,000 tons, John F.Kennedy (CVN 79) will be capable of reaching speeds in excess of 35 knots. Learn more about Ford-class technology

CVN 79's first cut of steel

Progress update: $3.35 Billion Contract Awarded for Detail Design and Construction of Aircraft Carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79)

June 5, 2015 | Read the news release

Dec. 2010
First cut of steel
Aug. 2015
Keel laid

50% Structural Completion

75% Structural Completion

Island landing