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Employee Information Phone Line

In the event of a severe weather emergency, employees must call the established toll free employee hotline (1-877-871-2058) when a storm is imminent to receive up-to-the-minute information about reporting to work. The recorded message provides “official notice” from Newport News management about “report-to-work” information.

Instructions for hurricane preparation and personnel onsite during storm

Printable checklist

Following are safety instructions for persons making final preparations for the arrival of severe weather and for persons who will be in the shipyard during a storm. If you are not one of these people you should still read this information as it may also apply to your home.

  • When securing items, be mindful of the anchorage you use. Do not secure items to electrical conduit or gas lines.
  • Do not place sandbags in positions that will prevent exit doors from opening. Sandbags should be stacked in a manner to allow the exit door to swing through its complete arc. If it is necessary to block an exit with sandbags, all persons must be evacuated from the building first.
  • During periods of high winds be careful when opening exterior doors. We have had employees injured when wind has unexpectedly caught doors that were being opened or closed.
  • Do not attempt to secure items you observe moving due to wind, especially items with sail surfaces. We have had employees picked-up and thrown as they tried to secure such items.
  • Be sure to use personal protective equipment (PPE) if you are outside during high winds. Eye and head protection is especially needed to help protect you from airborne material and debris. These items should be worn even in outside areas where PPE is not normally required.
  • Do not go outside during periods of high wind unless absolutely necessary. Do not go sight-seeing.
  • If you must go outside during the storm, be sure to let someone know your plans and the time you expect to return. If possible, use the buddy system when going outside.



Virginia Hurricane Evacuation Guide

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