Club/Activity Events

There are three activities that fall under the Club/Activity Events initiative. Most of these activities are scheduled with after-school clubs but in the event that a club is not available, the activities may take place during the school day. Club/Activity Events usually consist of an activity that educates students on STEM principles as well as Career Readiness Skills. Our main two activities are the duct tape boat building and the egg drop.

  • Egg Drop – Students are tasked with engineering and building a capsule to protect an egg using only the supplied materials and an imaginary $1 budget. They are also asked to design the capsule on paper and work as a team to build it before the allotted time is over. Points are awarded based on egg integrity after dropping, the amount of money spent on materials and the distance from the target.
  • Duct Tape Boat Building – Students are able to test their knowledge on buoyancy during our Duct Tape Boat Building Activity. Working in teams, they are given only one roll of duct tape as a building material and have to make a boat that will hold as many 50 gram bolts until it sinks.

GEMS (Girls with Engineering Minds in Shipbuilding) is an after-school program that is geared toward middle school aged young ladies that are interested in pursuing engineering and other STEM careers. Female engineering mentors from Newport News Shipbuilding are partnered with the students to encourage open discussion on college and career pathways and to help motivate the girls to excel in STEM related classes. The girls also participate in engaging, hands-on STEM activities that promote learning different engineering disciplines such as structural, mechanical, electrical, etc. The GEMS also journal about their experiences throughout the school year. The GEMS program is currently available at Booker T. Washington Middle and Crittenden Middle.

Focus Feature: "GEMS" (4:06)

Women engineers at Newport News Shipbuilding introduce young girls to STEM.