Job Shadowing / Worksite Opportunities

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an engineer? Maybe you’ve wondered what modeling and simulation consists of and what kind of Information Technology careers are available at Newport News Shipbuilding. Career Pathways’ job shadowing program affords students the opportunity to learn about these careers and more. The students are paired up with mentors from our engineering and information technology divisions to tour different areas of Newport News Shipbuilding to learn about ship design/engineering, ship construction areas such as welding and machining, modeling simulation and information technology.

Job shadowing takes place twice a year. The Spring Break job shadowing initiative is available for three days during the spring break. The interested candidates may apply to spend the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of their spring break learning more about Newport News Shipbuilding. The second job shadowing initiative is for Heritage High School’s Governor STEM Academy and University Magnet students and takes place in November. These students are required to complete a pre-determined number of job shadowing or intern hours.

There are two worksite opportunities at Newport News Shipbuilding and will be available based on the business needs of Newport News Shipbuilding. The Early Career Program is for the students that will complete their graduation requirements at the end of their fall semester of their senior year. This program is geared toward those students that enjoy working in a manufacturing/trades environment. The requirements for this program include successfully passing the Shipyard Operations course, work keys testing and all other requirements for employment at Newport News Shipbuilding. These future shipbuilders also have to complete the NNS Trades Trainee program i.e. welding, electrician, coatings and outside machinist. Upon completion of all necessary requirements, the students are eligible for full time employment.

The second worksite opportunity is the eSHIP Program. eSHIP students must have an interest in attending a 2-year or 4-year higher learning institution and have the intent to major in an ABET accredited engineering program. These students must also complete the Shipyard Operations course and the engineering job shadowing experience before being considered for the eSHIP internship that takes place the summer after graduating high school. These students are afforded to learn about engineering as seniors and high school and begin a paid internship before they start college. As long as all requirements are met, they will continue to intern every summer until graduation and will be eligible for full time employment as engineers or engineering technicians.