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July 2015 Hot Shots

Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Ship's Sponsor Susan Ford Bales looks out over the flight deck from the island. Photo by Ricky Thompson


Prior to testing the new electromagnetic catapults, shipbuilders mounted a heavy-duty housing for a GoPro camera onto the sled that would be launched off the flight deck. Watch the video. Photo by Ricky Thompson


A set of ceremonial shovels stand ready for the groundbreaking of the Joint Manufacturing Assembly Facility (JMAF). Photo by Ricky Thompson


The bow unit of the submarine Washington (SSN 787) is transported out of the Supplemental Modular Outfitting Facility. Photo by Chris Oxley


With 144 independently steered pairs of wheels, the self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) prepares to take a turn. Photo by Chris Oxley


Tens of thousands of wooden molds are catalogued on handwritten index cards in the Pattern Shop. Photo by John Whalen


Timothy Pruitt crafts complex patterns for a mold in the Foundry. Photo by John Whalen


Using a spoke shave, William West shapes a pattern for a mold in the Foundry. Photo by John Whalen


A variety of cutting tools for a horizontal boring mill look anything but boring. Photo by Chris Oxley


Lewis Hedgepeth Jr. sets up a planing mill to cut steel for the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79). Photo by Chris Oxley


The tug Huntington cruises beside John Warner (SSN 785) as the submarine returns from sea trials. Photo by Chris Oxley


Deckhand Tim Mason's expert technique shows as he throws a line from the tug Captain Ambrose to Robert Lewis on the tug Huntington. Photo by Chris Oxley


Videographer Aaron Pritchett stays hydrated in the extreme summer heat. Photo by Ricky Thompson