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2018 Master Shipbuilder Ceremony


Newport News Shipbuilding celebrated its 1,034 Master Shipbuilders – employees with 40 or more years of continuous service – during an annual recognition event.

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A Message on Civility


Message from HII’s Human Resources and Administration Senior Team: “While it is healthy to disagree with a perspective or an idea, it is not acceptable to launch a personal attack.”

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Be Fit with Benefits


The new year offers a fresh start. Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin discusses how shipbuilders can use the new year to achieve goals and secure a healthy future.

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Model of Excellence Award Ceremony


Newport News Shipbuilding honored the extraordinary contributions of 181 shipbuilders at the 2018 Model of Excellence awards ceremony. The award is the company’s highest honor and recognizes individuals and teams.

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2017 Safest Year on Record at NNS


In a letter to employees, Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin congratulates shipbuilders for the safest year on record.

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2018 Year End Message


As the year’s end approaches, Newport News Shipbuilding’s President Jennifer Boykin reflects on major accomplishments of 2018 and the pride our shipbuilders take in building the world’s greatest ships.

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Hilton Village Centennial


Ron Murray, Newport News Shipbuilding’s vice president of Quality, spoke during the celebration of Hilton Village’s centennial anniversary. In his remarks, he shared the story of the special relationship that NNS and the community share and presented an original plat of the village, hand-drawn by NNS’ Plant Engineering Office 100 years ago.

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NNS President Jennifer Boykin recently communicated to the senior leadership team her vision for the future of our business and our supporting NNSFORWARD Strategy. More details will be released about the strategy in the coming days, weeks and months, and how it connects to Boykin’s top priorities: people and technology.

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Heroes Wear Hard Hats

Quality Always Matters

As we gather with our families and friends to give thanks this Thanksgiving, Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin considers how you might be able to pay it forward—and maybe even be someone’s hero.

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Peninsula Executive Leadership Forum


Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin spoke to Hampton Roads leaders at the Executive Leadership Forum hosted by the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

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Quality Always Matters

Quality Always Matters

Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin discusses the importance of quality and how performing with quality in mind can make a difference.

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Larger Navy benefits country, shipbuilders


In a guest article for the Virginian-Pilot, Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin shares why she feels NNS is ready to answer the call for a larger U.S. Navy fleet.

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Engagement Is More Than a Buzz Word

Small Talk, Work Life Balance

Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin discusses thoughts on engagement and the importance of creating an environment that encourages engagement, hears ideas, and puts ideas in motion to make a difference.

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Apprentice School Graduation Remarks


Newport News Shipbuilding hosted commencement exercises for the 2017 graduates of The Apprentice School. During the ceremony, NNS President and commencement speaker Jennifer Boykin told the new graduates, “It is your diversity that brings relevance and certainty to our future. The diverse experiences and the perspectives that you will bring to our shops, our dry docks, our piers – and our boardrooms – will ensure our future success.”

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Recharging with history and hip hop


Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin discusses the musical “Hamilton” and some thoughts she took from the show.

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Boykin Speaks at Groundbreaking


Newport News Shipbuilding is proud to be part of the Brooks Crossing development which will house over 600 engineers and designers. The building will also house a STEM education center, allowing for outreach throughout the city. NNS President Jennifer Boykin spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony.

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Listen to your Inner Alarm


Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin discusses safety and how important it is for us to prepare for the unthinkable.

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Boykin Speaks at MLK Day Ceremonies


Newport News Shipbuilding celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy with events for shipbuilders. The theme for NNS’ second annual MLK Day commemoration was “The Color of Unity.” NNS President Jennifer Boykin spoke about the importance of diversity to the nation and the shipyard.

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Ethical Foul Ball: Lesson from the dugout


NNS President Jennifer Boykin is starting a new communications forum called, “SmallTalk: About Big Ideas.” The premise behind SmallTalk is to share her perspectives about important topics in a casual format, to include blog-style posts, video conversations and in-person discussions.

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Boykin Speaks at 12 Explorers and the Age of Innovation Exhibit Opening


Christopher Newport University’s Public History Center celebrated maritime history, culture and naval innovation with its “12 Explorers” project. At the project’s grand opening event, NNS President Jennifer Boykin spoke about the shipyard’s proud legacy and the importance of continued innovation.

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The Glass: Evolving The Business Woman – A Women’s Business Conference


Susan Jacobs, Vice President of Human Resources & Administration at NNS, delivered keynote address for the Hampton Roads Chamber, a local event dedicated to the development of leaders.

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