Commute to Work


NNS Group Rider Program

Employees who elect to group ride are eligible to receive a special hangtag that allows them to park in Newport News Shipbuilding group rider parking lots. To be eligible for this program, groups must have two or more employees in their group, and each individual must give up their individual NNS hangtag as the group is provided with one hangtag (this rule does not apply to vanpools of 15 or more employees). If the group is unable to ride together or if a member of the group rides to work separate, that employee should park at Hidens or in a satellite parking lot that does not require and NNS hangtag. On street parking and parking in privately owned lots is also available, however, if using this option, employees are encouraged to pay close attention to signage so their vehicle is not towed.

To become a group rider, each employee in the group must sign their name to their group’s group rider application, which is available on the MyNNS Parking and Transportation website. Employees who do not have computer access should ask their supervisor to print a copy of the form; directions on how to submit the form is printed on the application. Employees can only be listed on one group rider application.

Additionally, employees who have extra seats in their vehicle and would like to post their rideshare to MyNNS should complete the form on the MyNNS Parking and Transportation website. To ensure the safety of NNS employees and the legitimacy of all rideshares, this information is only available on the company’s intranet.

For questions regarding NNS group rider, email

Group Rider FAQs

Commute with Enterprise

Commute with Enterprise, formerly Enterprise Rideshare, is a group rider program exclusively managed by Enterprise. Through this program, four to 15 employees form a vanpool, meet at a central location and then commute to and from work in a newer model SUV or passenger van. Employees can form their own rideshare or Enterprise can assist with matching employees to a group. Members of the rideshare split driving responsibilities and a monthly fee, which covers maintenance and insurance. Additional fees that vary based on where the rideshare is commuting from include fuel and tolls, which is also split by the riders.

Preferred parking in NNS group rider lots will be designated for these vehicles. NNS will work closely with Enterprise to ensure that there are enough “Commute with Enterprise” designated spaces in these lots to accommodate the number of vehicles participating in the program.

Watch a video highlighting the Commute with Enterprise program or read more about the program, commuter referral promotion and savings.

Employees interested in signing up for the program or have specific questions should visit or contact Commute with Enterprise local office at (757) 467-6867.

Hampton Roads Transit

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) serves the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach. Additional information about each of these services is available on the

Newport News Routes

HRT has various routes that service Newport News Shipbuilding. Visit HRT’s website to view detailed information about routes in Newport News or information about other city routes. These webpages also include information about holiday schedules and snow emergency services.

Contact HRT

Call (757) 222-6100 or visit the HRT Customer Service webpage.


GoPass365 is a boarding pass that is active for one year (July 1 – June 30), and can be used on every transit mode offered by Hampton Roads Transit (The Tide, light rail, bus, ferry, VB Wave, and the MAX) with a valid photo ID. Passes can only be obtained through participating employers, or participating colleges and universities.

Newport News Shipbuilding purchases a set number of HRT GoPass365 passes each year. In 2019/2020, NNS will distribute 1,250 passes to employees. Passes are distributed annually in July at no cost to the employee and if the number of requests exceeds the number of passes NNS has to distribute, a lottery system will be used to determine which employees will receive a pass. Employees who met NNS-provided GoPass365 requirements from the previous year will automatically receive another pass for the following year.

Employees who receive a pass must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Passes are for employee use only and are non-transferable.
  • Passes must be used at least 14 times per month. Utilization of NNS-provided passes will be monitored and underutilized passes are subject to being revoked.

Employees who receive HRT GoPass365 and meet requirements for that fiscal year will automatically be given a pass for the following year.

Are you interested in an NNS-Provided HRT GoPass365?  If so, complete the interest form. For questions, email

HRT GoPass365 FAQs

Traffix Guaranteed Ride Program

This program provides commuters who get to and from work by means other than driving alone (i.e. carpool, vanpool) with a ride back to their point of origin when an emergency or unplanned circumstance arises while they are at work. Visit Traffix’s website for more information.

Commuter Benefit

Take public transit to work or pay for parking? Enroll in the new commuter benefit to save money on commuting expenses. Open to all NNS employees, the commuter benefit lets you use pre-tax dollars to purchase transit and/or parking passes for commuting between your home and work. To enroll, access the Your Spending Account (YSA) webpage when you log into UPoint. Employees can sign up, adjust or cancel their commuter benefit on a monthly basis. Visit or call the Huntington Ingalls Benefits Center 1-877-216-3222 for more information.