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All vehicles parked on company property require a valid Newport News Shipbuilding hangtag. Employees are provided one parking hangtag that allows them to park in a designed area. Signage is posted at the entrance of each parking area to indicate the hangtag designation acceptable for the parking lot or garage.

The company also has reserved parking spaces in which employees, based on their job, are assigned. NNS in the process of rolling out a zone-based parking system shipyard-wide and will be eliminating all reserved parking spaces to ensure parking capacity is maximized.

Vehicles parked illegally or without proper credentials are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

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Parking for all NNS Hangtags

Employees with any valid NNS hangtag can park in the following locations. Click on a location below for more information and shuttle pickup/drop-off locations.


Parking hangtags serve as employee parking credentials and should be displayed in a location that is easily visible through the windshield of the vehicle – and should never be sold, transferred, borrowed or given to another employee (including Navy personnel, suppliers, contractors or a non-NNS employee). Hangtags are property of Newport News Shipbuilding and must be surrendered upon the employee’s termination from the company. Violators are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense, revocation of all company parking privileges and additional disciplinary measures as appropriate.

To report a lost hangtag or request a replacement, complete the Hangtag Request Form, located on the MyNNS Parking & Transportation website. Employees without computer access should ask their supervisor to complete the form on their behalf or print a copy of the form to submit – forms can be scanned and sent to or mailed through Yardmail (Parking Solutions in Bldg. 103-1). Replacement hangtags are typically obtained the same day it is reported. The employee and/or their supervisor can pick up the hangtag from Bldg. 103-1, which is located mid-yard near the gas pumps.

Hangtag FAQs


Click on areas listed below for specific information about NNS parking hangtags. Send questions regarding hangtags to

Handicapped spaces at Newport News Shipbuilding are governed by the same rules and regulations as handicap spaces throughout the state of Virginia. Employees must have handicap license plates issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a temporary hangtag in the employee’s name – this must be on the vehicle or displayed when the vehicle is parked in a handicapped parking space.

Guests visiting Newport News Shipbuilding should confirm parking plans with their host prior to their visit. Designated visitor parking is available in the parking lot located between 42nd and 43rd streets along Washington Avenue, Bldg. 902 and Bldg. 903. Guests are required to sign in with Security in Bldg. 86 and/or Bldg. 520, Bldg. 902 or Bldg. 903.

Many parking lots surrounding the shipyard are privately owned and require payment. Employees should pay close attention to signage posted in the parking lot to ensure they are following guidance and avoid towing.