Group Rider

Employees who elect to group ride to and from work are eligible to receive a gold decal that allows them to park in all Newport News Shipbuilding group rider parking lots on a first-come, first-served basis. Shipbuilders electing to participate in this commuting option will form their own rideshare using their own vehicle.

These employees must travel the distance of one or more miles to and from work to be considered a Group Rider; employees should not be picked up at NNS to gain entrance to the group rider parking lot. Employees who group ride are able to keep their individual employee decal (aqua, blue or silver) for occasions when they cannot ride with their group.

To become a group rider, each employee in the group must sign their name to their group’s group rider application, which is available on the MyNNS Parking and Transportation website. Employees who do not have computer access should ask their supervisor to print a copy of the form; directions on how to submit the form is printed on the application. Employees can only be listed on one group rider application.

Additionally, employees who have extra seats in their vehicle and would like to post their rideshare to MyNNS should complete the form on the MyNNS Parking and Transportation website. To ensure the safety of NNS employees and the legitimacy of all rideshares, this information is only available on the company’s intranet.

For questions regarding the group rider application or gold decals, contact parkingsolutions@hii-nns.com.

Commute with Enterprise

Commute with Enterprise, formerly Enterprise Rideshare, is one of several ways employees can commute to and from work. Through this program, which is exclusively managed by Enterprise, four to 15 employees form a vanpool, meet at a central location and then commute to and from work in a newer model SUV or passenger van. Employees can form their own rideshare or Enterprise can assist with matching employees to a group. Members of the rideshare split driving responsibilities and a monthly fee, which covers maintenance and insurance. Additional fees that vary based on where the rideshare is commuting from include fuel and tolls, which is also split by the riders.

Preferred parking in NNS group rider lots will be designated for these vehicles. NNS will work closely with Enterprise to ensure that there are enough “Commute with Enterprise” designated spaces in these lots to accommodate the number of vehicles participating in the program.

Watch a video highlighting the Commute with Enterprise program or read more about the program, commuter referral promotion and savings.

Employees interested in signing up for the program or have specific questions should visit www.CommutewithEnterprise.com or contact their local Commute with Enterprise at (757) 467-6867.

Rideshare FAQs