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Shipyard Operations Update

Updated Feb. 20, 6:53 p.m.

Based on the current forecast, which calls for varying conditions across the region this evening and overnight, Newport News Shipbuilding will remain open, but is instituting liberal leave on Thursday, Feb. 20, for the last two hours of second shift through the end of third shift. NNS will also institute liberal leave through 9:30 a.m. on first shift tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 21). During these times, employees can report to work if it is safe to do so or can use liberal leave.

NNS employees working at Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Naval Station Norfolk should follow offsite location reporting direction.

Because liberal leave is not instituted for the entire shift on Friday, Feb. 21, NNS parking lots will continue operating under normal conditions, as they would any other weekday. NNS shuttle services will be operational starting at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

Please be safe and heed all VDOT warnings. NNS will continue to closely monitor the forecast and provide updates as necessary. If anything changes with regards to first shift tomorrow, it will be posted by 6 a.m. As a reminder, updates regarding shipyard operations will be communicated via the following channels: Employee Information Phone Line (1-877-871-2058), NNS to Go app, company email, social media (HII pages and Jennifer Boykin’s Facebook page) and NNS websites.

What is Liberal Leave?
As a reminder, liberal leave means that employees who can safely report to work should do so; employees who need to take off due to inclement weather or those who cannot safely report to work do not have to report – and docked time will not be held against their attendance record. If the company goes into liberal leave status, hourly employees who do not report to work can use vacation or dock time; salaried employees can use flextime or paid time off (PTO). However, employees notified as essential personnel by their supervisors should report to work as scheduled.



Employee Information Phone Line

In the event of a severe weather emergency, employees should call the toll-free employee phone line (1-877-871-2058) to receive up-to-the-minute information about current shipyard operations. The recorded message provides “official notice” from Newport News management about “report-to-work” information.

NNS to Go App and HII Social Media

Weather information will be posted on the company’s NNS to Go app, which is available for public download in the Google Play and Apple app store. Updates will also be posted on Huntington Ingalls Industries Facebook and Twitter pages as well as NNS President Jennifer Boykin’s Facebook page.


Know Your Zoneknow-your-zone

“Know Your Zone” is a program started by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to help those who live in Coastal Virginia know what evacuation zone they live in. Zones are designated A through D and provide residents clarity on whether they should evacuate in an emergency or shelter at home. Learn more

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