Classifieds Ads

The Communications Division is no longer publishing Employee Classifieds. When Communications first launched the service, it was meant to be a convenient resource for shipbuilders. At the time, there were not as many options as there are today to buy and sell items. After evaluating the time and effort it takes to administer this service, the division has made a business decision to discontinue providing the service in-house.

Shipbuilders who would like to buy or sell items are encouraged to use other public advertising options, such as:

  • Public, local “buy and sell” social media groups (commonly known as “Trash and Treasure” groups)
  • Consumer-to-consumer sales sites
  • Buy and sell phone applications

Shipbuilders are encouraged to use any safety features these apps and websites may offer. When buying or selling items via these channels, always meet in a safe and well-lit public area, don’t use personal contact information or reveal any personal information, and tell someone where you are going and why.